Tortuguero Tours

Adventures Close To Nature


Watch the TURTLEs

Being one of the most important places worldwide for the nesting of Green Sea Turtles, they gave their name to "Tortuguero" - the place to where the turtles come. 

Explore the CANALs

Nature wakes up in the morning and slows down in mid-day heat. The earlier you are on the boat, the more animals you will hear and see. Promised!

Let's go HIKING

In Tortuguero, to go for a walk is not only good for your health, it´s also a great opportunity to enjoy nature and animals, but take care - the night might be a little bit scary....

take a FULL DAY TOUR with us

YOU WANT IT ALL? - YOU GET IT ALL!! You want to make the best of your stay in Tortuguero National Park and explore the area in different ways? Then, our Full-day-packages are exactly what you need!

we care for you, ENTHUSIAST!

You know why you come to Tortuguero. It's all about your passion!
We offer special packages for FISHING, BIRD WATCHING and NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS.


 Too much luggage to go by bus?      

Shuttles do not fit into your itinerary?

      Don´t want to drive on your own but be as flexible as if you would do so?

Use our brand new RAV4 for private transports and trips with your private guide!

We are here to help!

You didn't find what you are looking for or have special questions? Where are there for you! Contact Jessica at our office! We speak your language - well, mostly! - She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and German.