Nature is my passion!

  • Living in Tortuguero for over 20 years, I started working in tourism at the age of 18
  • My experiences in various departments of different travel agencies as well as my employment in a hotel in Tortuguero helped me to better understand the needs and desires of customers
  • To expand my knowledge in tourism and customer service, I went to work at Corcovado where I learned to see nature with different eyes
  • Back in Tortuguero, I decided to devote myself to a work that would take me closer to nature. That´s how I first became a captain of those boats leading tourists through the canals of the National Park. This work made me acquire a lot of knowledge about the nature and diversity found in the area
  • Over the years and the company of many guides, I got aware that my big passion was to show people the beauty of the place, so I decided to study tourism and get my credential as an authorized tourist guide
  • Having finished my studies, I got the opportunity to work with different tourist agencies doing round trips all over the country
  • The knowledge and experiences gained since I started working as a guide in 2002 are the basis for all the ideas we have developed for “Tortuguero Tours – Adventures Close to Nature”: Working in this field, I realized how important it is to respect the needs and desires of each of our clients so that they can really enjoy their stay. Furthermore, being local, I´m also aware that the protection of the nature that distinguishes Tortuguero National Park is one of our most important tasks.
  • My biggest hope is that "Tortuguero Tours - Adventures close to nature" will be able to achieve what has always been my dream – to offer a kind of tourism that leads to get to know the beauty of our National Park while it´s creating the desire to protect the environment both here and all over the world so that future generations can also enjoy the wonders that mother nature offers