How to get to your Adventures Close to Nature:

Time is money, and thus you have the choice to either travel very fast, maybe by plane, or very cost effective on public transports, in any case, if you´re not coming by plane, you´ll always have to do the last part of the trip by boat. Here are your options:​


The cheapest way to come to Tortuguero is the public transportation system. Surely it is slow, but the journey is a sightseeing tour itself that you will miss when you just fly in.

Arrive like a Tico!


The last mile has always to be done by boat. But as you can choose to take a public bus, your own or rented car or a taxi, you can also choose the public boat, a taxi boat, and yes, you can even come with your own boat!

Make your own Trip!


Taking a shuttle is the ideal choice for those who like to travel comfortably and don´t want to bother about navigation. 

Let the Shuttle take you there!


When time is the limiting factor, you can get to Tortuguero in only 30 minutes. Just take a flight and make the most of your time here!

Be here in No Time!