Nearly everything can be organized!

  • Coming originally from Germany, I first came to Tortuguero as a tourist and felt in love - not only with its abundant nature, with its thousands of colors and shapes, but also with the atmosphere that was so much more “tica”  than in all other places I had seen
  • Even though it was mainly the contact with Francisco that brought me back for serveral other visits, I quickly realized as well that such a special and unique place needs care and protection. Therefore, I was excited with Francisco’s idea of creating a company who´s services respect nature and make tourists aware of the importance of protecting the flora and fauna.
  • Having worked for 10 years in Germany as a Spanish an French teacher and loving the contact with people, especially with our youngest guests, it was rapidly cristal clear that my workfield would mainly be the office organizing tours, transports and accomodations for our clients and giving customer information.
  •  Apart from my work at the office, I also do go on tours as an interpreter for german and french and I´m caught by the idea of developping a tour offer dedicated especially to children - in the end, my beloved original work as a teacher did never release me completely and I´m absolutely convinced that one of our main tasks is to bring our youngest guests as close to nature as possible so that they will care about it´s protection in the future.
  • Making the decision to change a lifetime, to leave home for an unknown country and to start working in a field that had nothing in common with the training I had received was not easy, but I choosed to take this step hoping that our work can help to convey to our customers the same fascination I felt when I first came to Tortuguero and to awaken in them the same desire that we share – to protect nature so that future generations can enjoy it.